About MVP

Life is about story.  It that simple/complicated.  My story, like any other, has twists and turns but because we are made for greatness this life points to something greater.  I have a wife, kids, have worked in about every job known to man (really!), shredded my shoulder playing baseball, am a Colorado State University graduate, artist and photographer.  At one time I aspired to be a full time college missionary, engineering teacher and live in a small Kansas town.  Now my day job leads me all over Colorado and my photography passion has taken me to Seattle to be a part of and Jasmine and JD CreativeLIVE class, working as a second photographer for Amanda Lamb and who knows what’s next.  God, my wife and my kids are the reason.

Second shooting weddings has become my go to gig.  Supporting the primary shooter with alternate angles, secondary location coverage, covering the guys getting ready, lighting assistance have become almost second nature.  If you have a need for a second shooter in Colorado Springs, around Colorado, New York or anywhere in the world, get in touch.  Additional galleries or references upon request.

Currently my gear includes a professional full frame camera and associated lenses.

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