Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1 and 3 Year Photo Shoot

These guys steal hearts.  It is hard to believe that these little men entered our lives a year and three years ago.  Time has passed so fast.  My big man is an amazing big brother, even if he does get a few shoves in here and there.  The little guy is no push over though.  He fights back.  We are in for a great ride!

Our Big Guy - A man of many faces
Boys Shoot-24

Boys Shoot-28

Boys Shoot-10

Boys Shoot-11

Boys Shoot

Boys Shoot-3

The Little Man with the Big Spirit
Boys Shoot-18

Boys Shoot-16

Boys Shoot-14

Boys Shoot-8

Boys Shoot-6

Boys Shoot-4

Both our men
Boys Shoot-13

Boys Shoot-12

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