Monday, December 10, 2012

1984 Nissan Datsun 720 – Thermostat

This post is a bit different because the subject was my truck.  Here in Colorado Springs we just had our first cold snap and my truck was not prepared!  I also recently replaced the thermostat because the old one was stuck closed and was causing overheating.  The only problem was that the new thermostat was not working either!  The truck would never warm up.  Thanks to this post I found my problem!

I installed the thermostat wrong.

84 Datsun 720 Thermostat-1

First I had to gain access to the thermostat.  It is in one of the radiator hoses under a bunch of the stuff on the top of the engine!

84 Datsun 720 Thermostat-17

The thermostat housing is located right in the middle of the picture where you can see the blue line of goo.

84 Datsun 720 Thermostat-9

When removing the top radiator hose make sure you have a pan under the truck.  I had more cleanup than I anticipated!

You can see the gap between the top of the thermostat and the housing.  This gap made the thermostat useless.

84 Datsun 720 Thermostat-11

When replacing the thermostat this time I used a little “glue” to hold the thermostat in place so it wouldn’t fall like before.

84 Datsun 720 Thermostat-14

84 Datsun 720 Thermostat-15

Above is the thermostat installed with the “glue” against the engine.

84 Datsun 720 Thermostat-16

I have added the blue paper gasket and more goo!

I am happy to report that the truck now warms up and my feet will be much warmer in the morning!

And here is the info that makes this a real photograph post.  Below is the flash setup that I used to get even lighting on the parts.  I used 2 speedlites and the on camera flash

84 Datsun 720 Thermostat-7

I also improvised a bounce fill!  Most mechanics don’t need the white foam core in the hook while they work.

84 Datsun 720 Thermostat-6