Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wireless Trigger Receiver Customization

A couple years ago I purchased the cheap radio receivers from ebay and they have worked well.  I have made some custom modifications to my transmitter but this is only the receiving unit.  Adding the AAA packs allows me to pick up backup batteries at nearly store.

Receiver (1 of 3)

The tools to solder the battery packs to the receiver and receiver in the lower left.  I didn’t use the flux but did use electronics solder.Receiver (2 of 3)

Receiver (3 of 3)

The receiver with the battery pack wired into the receiver.  I used Gorilla Glue to secure the battery pack to the back cover of the receiver.

This weekend was has been amazing.  This little modification was needed so I can consistently use the receiver for my new flash!  One of many new goodies. 

2012 is going to be epic!

P.S. These modifications have made my radio system very reliable and they work a long way away.

One of my trigger system modifications

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