Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What happened in 2011?

Last year was packed with life and photography happenings.

My first post from 2011


Who thought I would be a guitar photographer?  That was a first for me but in the end I think it worked out great. I found myself taking some pictures for a company website.  They wanted some photographs of Pikes Peak. I tried to learn something new while shooting some kids!  We replaced all the plumbing in our house.  That was a surprise. Finally in January I found this little video on the TED website.  This video has been an incredible inspiration.  It has even help guide the was a local company does business.  Check that one out.


February – This month was a little slow photography wise

I found free audio books through Overdrive on my iPod. Photo books are amazing for displaying wedding photos, the family session or a recent trip.  I didn’t realize how many books I had put together this year!  Last in February we took some photographs of our little guy.

March – Held a few photo outings but the dimples were my favorite!


A buddy and I started a picture a week project which didn’t last but this one was a good time.  There were more guitars and more one light setups.  This is tricky but maybe sometime this year I will get another speedlite.


May was a month of few photographs but lots of looking inward and trying to progress the business.


This month held one of the coolest “sessions” I was privileged to attend.  What an honor to be a part of this amazingly special moment!  Welcome Home


July – Another busy month

We went camping, hiking and saw the continental divide.  I tried some headshots and got my brand new lens.  That amazing lens lead me to the skate park and some business photo session.  July also lead to my first “official” portfolio!  A great month for taking risks and trying some new things.



This month I did an amazing maternity session! Part 1 and Part 2. I was privileged to take some photographs of an amazing family



The theme for the year is personal and business growth.  September was no different.  Two of the most fun were working with a friend while he practiced his golf swing and making a picture story our evenings.



A bit of a slower month but still one amazing session with two spirited little girls.


December is always busy with Christmas and New Years.  I took a picture of our rings, tried my hand at jewelry, my company celebrated 10 years, I pushed the ISO, and my son ate his first apple.

2011 held 72 posts.  It was a year that I really tried to get some experience and try new things.  I love the new lens I purchased and I don’t regret it for a second.  That lens could not have come sooner.

2012 will hopefully be full of new friends and great times.  I wouldn’t be disappointed if it also included some new lenses and amazing sessions!


Salud 2012!

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Katielin317 said...

Mark your photography just keeps getting better. Beautiful stuff!!