Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My DIY light tent

I have talked a bit about the jewelry photography I have been working on lately and I thought I would show you guys my DIY light tent and two of my new pieces of equipment.


My compact little light tent all packed up.  I used 1/2” PVC, some clamps and foam core.  Folded up in the middle of it all is part of a white shower curtain.


This is my new beauty.  This was the lens that allowed me to get that great headshot of my wife in our living room.  It is super sharp and the 2.8 aperture is wonderful. 

Taking the photograph above, I used two flashes with the custom modified Cactus wireless triggers.  The Vivitar flash on the left and the Canon on the right.  Both flashes were fired through the sides of the light box that were covered with the shower curtain.

Here is the a shot of the entire setup.


Leave a comment if you have any questions about the setup.


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