Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our fun, super busy weekend

This weekend was crazy busy.  We went to Old C’s Friday night, the Buddy Walk in Manitou Springs, toured our old high school, met up with some friends, and rounded out the weekend staying out until 3am and recovering on Sunday.

I didn’t take my camera to the evenings events because I didn’t want to worry about taking pictures all night but that is a great place and even for photo booth.

Looking through the pictures that I have it looks like I only took pictures of my wife and son but I swear there were more people around.

082711 weekend (1 of 8)

Every year at the Buddy Walk we get a picture with one of the stars or team Emily and Kory.  My wife had the pleasure of working along side Kory for a couple years while in Manitou so it is always great to go and spend some time with Kory and her family.

082711 weekend (2 of 8)

Eli’s first Buddy Walk was last year and in tradition we took his picture this year in the same pose.  Amazing the difference a year makes.


On our way back to the car we stopped and took 2 minutes for a little photo shoot.  It is hard not to take pictures of these two.

082711 weekend (3 of 8)082711 weekend (4 of 8)

Heather has been working with Eli to give kisses.  So far he has steered clear of the wide open mouth kisses.

082711 weekend (5 of 8)

082711 weekend (8 of 8)

We closed the weekend at home with one of Eli’s favorite activities.  Empty the pantry.  He takes after his mom and starts with the slim jims.

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