Friday, July 15, 2011


Last week I posted a question on Facebook that may have received the most responses I have seen on my personal page. 
What are you thoughts on starting a business with debt? Is debt necessary to start?”
Some of you may know that the Valentine family follows the Dave Ramsey financial plan.  We have been following that plan for a couple years with the cash envelopes and all.  Recently we joined FPU for 13 weeks to help motivate ourselves.
That brings me to the Facebook post.  I have been looking into new equipment, classes and mentors to constantly improve.  One of the biggest suggestions is to get better gear.
The 2 best lens options at this time are to get the 24-70mm 2.8L or the 50mm 1.4.  The cost difference is about $1000 which I don’t have.  I can afford the 50mm 1.4 but was afraid I was selling myself short.  Monday I decided to live within my means.  I bought the 50mm 1.4 and it has been great.
It was not 2 minutes from the store and found some inspiration.
50MM 1_4 (1 of 5)
50MM 1_4 (2 of 5)
At home I gave the shallow depth of field a try and the clarity was amazing.
50MM 1_4 (5 of 5)
The next picture was taken on the hood of the car.  I am very happy with the quality.
50MM 1_4 (4 of 5)
50MM 1_4 (3 of 5)
My reasoning for getting the less expensive lens was that it is still a stellar lens.

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