Monday, July 18, 2011

Uncle Wilber

Everyday in the summer the parents and kids gather and wait for 11am to roll around.  They are waiting for Uncle Wilber to cool off the mid-day heat and bring smiles to their children’s faces.  They are also taking a break from the fast paced life.
Uncle Wilber (1 of 7)
This also happens to be a great place to meet people.  While there I encountered 2 separate people taking a bold step and talking to strangers about Jesus.
Uncle Wilber (2 of 7)
Uncle Wilber (6 of 7)
Most people may not know that the City comes and turns on and off the fountain everyday.  It takes 2 people to turn it on because there is a confined space involved.
Uncle Wilber (3 of 7)
Uncle Wilber (4 of 7)
Thanks to those 2 men Uncle Wilber can come to life.

I will have to return later this week to get Uncle Wilber in action.

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