Monday, July 25, 2011

Portfolio Continued...

Well here are the results I have produced by putting together a simple portfolio I mentioned in a previous posts.
What’s in your portfolio?
The Portfolio Creative Process
The pictures below are the current result. 
Portfolio (3 of 5)
Portfolio (1 of 5)
Portfolio (5 of 5)
Portfolio (4 of 5)
Portfolio (2 of 5)
Heather and I spent an evening looking through pictures and pairing them up.  In the end I have about 40 pictures in this little binder.
Now the exciting part.  Because we took the time to put this little folder together and I reached out I have learned about my strengths and weaknesses and am much closer to finding where I really want to be with photography.
I have been able to sit down with 2 professional photographers in the area and discuss business, photography, their philosophies and much more.  Through these meetings I have learned more about myself and my photography than I think I would have in a semester or beginners classes in college.
The last and final suggestion made to me was to take the majority of this portfolio and forget about it because the new equipment purchased has changed my ability significantly.
Here we go.  Over the next month I am working to have an entirely new portfolio with families, business head shots and maybe even some wedding work.

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