Friday, May 6, 2011

The Portfolio Creative Process

I mentioned that a couple weeks ago I watched a free webcast by Zack Arias.  Unfortunately it is not free anymore but I would say it is worth $150 for sure.  If you can take even one of his ideas or recommendations and put it into action you will make much more than the $150 paid for the DVDs.

One of the topics he covered was creating a portfolio and his process.  I figure he might know what he is doing so I should try it his way and see how it goes.

  1. I started by going through all of my blog posts since 2008 and picking some of the pictures I thought were my "best”.
  2. Those pictures were printed at low quality and small size so I could set them out in my family room.  Pictures were everywhere.
  3. My wife and I paired pictures together.  There will be 2 pages open while viewing the portfolio so it makes sense to have pictures that work well together.
  4. About 25% of the 60 or so starting pictures were eliminated. They just didn’t pair well or were not what I wanted to show in my current portfolio.

That’s where I stopped for now.  I plan on getting the full resolution images and printing them at an 8” size and compiling a simple portfolio in the next few days.

The biggest thing that I learned through putting this together is that I am a family photographer.  Most of the work that I chose to display are from family portrait sessions.  That is what I have done best and what I enjoy the most. 

What now? 

I am going to get the portfolio complete and in front of some pros for review and keep on keepin on.

Do the Work – Check it out on Amazon.  It is free for the Kindle right now!  It is a short little book about just getting out there and getting something done.

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