Monday, May 2, 2011

2 shoots in 1 day

On the way home today I was thinking about Zack Arias’ online class that I watched parts of over the weekend.  One comment he made was that if you want to blow out a wall behind someone, make it white, you should have a difference between the subject and that background of about 2 stops.

One way to do that is to have 2 speedlights and 2 different settings.  I don’t have 2 speedlights so I set up the garage studio, opened the door and went to work.

First I set up the white background opened the garage and asked one of my many willing models. 

This was how I worked the white background with only 1 speedlight.

  1. Expose the subject correctly with the natural light coming in through the open garage door
  2. Setup a flash to expose only the background
  3. Set that flash through the camera to overexpose by 2 stops.  Normally Canon is not able to work wirelessly TTL but the 7D has started to bridge that gap.

The result…

Dogs On White-2


Dogs On White

Here is the setup from further away…

Dogs On White-3

One note is that it is supper hard to focus on a black dog because the focus system in the camera works on contrast difference.  There is not much difference between black and slightly less black.

The next shoot and setup to follow shortly.

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