Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chicago…well close…

Last week I took a trip to the Chicago area with big hopes to tour the city and get some pictures in a place I have never been.  This is what I saw…
The inside of my bag filled with closes for the meeting and a laptop.
We have come so far.  These little stations include a USB charging station which was very popular.  These were in the Colorado Springs airport, you would think Chicago would have a couple too.  However, the Chicago airport did have an automatic toilet seat cover changers.  I had no idea those even existed.
Colorado Springs airport at 7am.  It is a popular place. 
Maybe next time I will take the trip into Chicago and see the windy city.

Monday, May 23, 2011

E at 1 year “ish”

Surprise.  I did another one light setup.  These are the 1 year pictures for a cute little boy we know.  I am on a quest to see how much I can improve and blog and how fast I can become a rock star photographer!  This was one more step in a direction.
E White-4
According to his grandparents and aunt he never cries.  He is about the happiest kiddo we have ever met!
E White-3
There is his first tooth.  Mom says that he is working on a second but is in no hurry to fill out that mouth.
E White-2
This is the strobist 1 light setup I used.  This picture was taken from the backside of the setup.  I used a 580 EXII on 1/4 power and a shoot through umbrella to the right of the camera.  The background is a 32” white seamless.  That’s it.
E White

E at 1 year "ish"

You have seen this little guy before on the site and he is back.  We got together to take some pictures of this guy at 1 year and he was quite the little model.
E White-4
According to his grandparents and aunt he never cries.  He is about the happiest kiddo we have ever met!
E White-3
There is his first tooth.  Mom says that he is working on a second but is in no hurry to fill out that mouth.
E White-2

This dude has a real bright future and is sure to be a heart breaker.  I am sure he will be back when he needs his senior portraits.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Business Cards

Today the mail brought my new business cards!  Check them out.

2011-05-21 21.55.51.jpg

Friday, May 20, 2011

Voices in my head

Update:  I was reading a recent blog by a gentleman I find inspiring and he was also talking about the voices in his head.  Check it out.  Pixelatedated Image

Lately I have been hearing voices. When I am running, working out, working, or hanging out and watching tv. Some say it is normal but I disagree. It is not normal to hear someone in your head yelling, “TEN MORE STEPS, TEN MORE STEPS, DO IT!” That is what I hear these days as I am running up the hill to our house after a long run. I want to stop and walk but that voice just keeps yelling!
These voices don’t just start overnight. It can take years for a voice to work its way into your head. To tell the truth it has been over a year since I last watched Facing the Giants and the yelling “TEN MORE STEPS” just started the other day.
Do the Work, which is a new book by Steven Pressfield states that the universe is not neutral. I am paraphrasing but it makes sense. “If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.” Basically if you do nothing and say you want to start a business it will seem that the universe is putting everything in your way. If you start working and pushing and being dumb to the world things will end up working in your favor.
Hopefully when you open your eyes and look around you will see, “your in the end zone!”

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Living la vida loca!

This has been a couple of crazy days. It started with network problems at my job, compounded with more network issues, followed by yet more computer and network problems. I think my day job is a civil engineer but these days I am not so sure. I did get some actual engineering work done yesterday to try to get ready to leave for Chicago. I am lucky enough to be able to attend a wastewater seminar out there and be Aqua-Aerobics guest.

All that to say that in getting ready, working to get computers and networks up and running, emailing, working with a Corpus Christi for this weekends ministry fair, soliciting for the No More Porn Tour and list goes on and on I lost myself and mind. I admit it. I was not the most pleasant person to be around Tuesday night.

So what happened? I was able to get computers working, the network up, and packed for the trip. It all worked out. God is good. Lessons learned.

  1. No matter how hard I try I am not in control
  2. What needs to happen will
  3. God is good

As I write this I have been sitting in the Colorado Springs airport since 7 this morning. I have has lots of time to get some reading done, catch up on some emails and as you can see do a little blogging. Most of all, as odd as it sounds I have had time to relax and go with the flow.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother’s Day at the Zoo

I had this brilliant idea to take my family to the zoo on mother’s day.  So did the rest of Colorado Springs.  The zoo was so busy that they were running a shuttle from Cheyenne Mountain High School.  Even with all those people the zoo was a blast and didn’t really seem that crowded.  This was Heather showing Eli the elephants.   What a great wife and mother.  Love you


Post processing was a little crop and rotation and a free Lightroom preset.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Portfolio Creative Process

I mentioned that a couple weeks ago I watched a free webcast by Zack Arias.  Unfortunately it is not free anymore but I would say it is worth $150 for sure.  If you can take even one of his ideas or recommendations and put it into action you will make much more than the $150 paid for the DVDs.

One of the topics he covered was creating a portfolio and his process.  I figure he might know what he is doing so I should try it his way and see how it goes.

  1. I started by going through all of my blog posts since 2008 and picking some of the pictures I thought were my "best”.
  2. Those pictures were printed at low quality and small size so I could set them out in my family room.  Pictures were everywhere.
  3. My wife and I paired pictures together.  There will be 2 pages open while viewing the portfolio so it makes sense to have pictures that work well together.
  4. About 25% of the 60 or so starting pictures were eliminated. They just didn’t pair well or were not what I wanted to show in my current portfolio.

That’s where I stopped for now.  I plan on getting the full resolution images and printing them at an 8” size and compiling a simple portfolio in the next few days.

The biggest thing that I learned through putting this together is that I am a family photographer.  Most of the work that I chose to display are from family portrait sessions.  That is what I have done best and what I enjoy the most. 

What now? 

I am going to get the portfolio complete and in front of some pros for review and keep on keepin on.

Do the Work – Check it out on Amazon.  It is free for the Kindle right now!  It is a short little book about just getting out there and getting something done.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do the Work

I was going to post today about how I am creating my portfolio but I found this great link to a free book.  Who can’t afford free?

One of the blogs that I follow did a quick review of the book Do the Work.

I picked up the book to read on my android phone through the Kindle app.  So far it seems to be working great.

If you are interested in growing your business they also have some classes that sell out quick.  You can check those out too.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What’s in your portfolio?

I am in the process of creating a portfolio.  What its purpose?  To get  professional photographers reviews.  I want to grow.  I will get better.

At this time I don’t have 2 pennies to rub together on the photography business side so the portfolio will be simple and might even printed on regular paper from a regular printer.  GASP!

I will stay foolish.  I am sure there are photographers out there who would say they will never look at a portfolio on regular paper printed from a regular printer. 

Oh well. 

In the next month or two it is my goal to get my portfolio made and in the hands of 3 local professional photographers. 

Building a portfolio will be my focus this week and possibly next.

If you have a portfolio what does it look like?  How big are the pages?  10”x10”? How long did you dedicate to picking your work and assembling?

Leave a comment if you do have a portfolio or are a pro who would like to take a look through mine!

Monday, May 2, 2011

2 shoots in 1 day

On the way home today I was thinking about Zack Arias’ online class that I watched parts of over the weekend.  One comment he made was that if you want to blow out a wall behind someone, make it white, you should have a difference between the subject and that background of about 2 stops.

One way to do that is to have 2 speedlights and 2 different settings.  I don’t have 2 speedlights so I set up the garage studio, opened the door and went to work.

First I set up the white background opened the garage and asked one of my many willing models. 

This was how I worked the white background with only 1 speedlight.

  1. Expose the subject correctly with the natural light coming in through the open garage door
  2. Setup a flash to expose only the background
  3. Set that flash through the camera to overexpose by 2 stops.  Normally Canon is not able to work wirelessly TTL but the 7D has started to bridge that gap.

The result…

Dogs On White-2


Dogs On White

Here is the setup from further away…

Dogs On White-3

One note is that it is supper hard to focus on a black dog because the focus system in the camera works on contrast difference.  There is not much difference between black and slightly less black.

The next shoot and setup to follow shortly.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Showers

Thank you May for the April snow showers.  This is Colorado for you.  I met this amazing woman and asked her if I could take her picture in the snow.  Crazy enough she agreed. 
Snow Trees
In keeping with the last post I have included a quick “studio” shot.  This was not ideal but it was a quick snap while the snow lasted.
Snow Trees

May Showers

Thank you May for the April snow showers.  This is Colorado for you.  I met this amazing woman and asked her if I could take her picture in the snow.  Crazy enough she agreed. 
Snow Trees