Tuesday, April 26, 2011

KAB Art - Guitars

Guitar 7-5

I mentioned in the last post that I was able to shoot some of Kent’s latest work.  Kent owns KAB Art.  This time though I was able to bring his beautiful guitars to my house where I had a bit more room and most important this time was the extra time that I used.  I completed 2 setups that were opposite each other.  Black and white backgrounds.

Last time I used exclusively the black background and those pictures look sharp.  They pop off the background and you are really focused on the guitars.  Much like viewing pictures with a black background around them the guitars became the main focus.  These are some of the pictures from this session on the black.

Guitar 6-11

Guitar 6-2

The difference this time is that I was able to use a white seamless background for one of the setups.  I added a reflector opposite of the flash and added some white foam core to reflect white in the shinny surfaces of the guitar.  I think it worked out great.

Guitar 6-15

Guitar 6-18

Guitar 7-19

The pictures have a subtle and clean look.  They are refined and simple.  They give a sense of depth to the pictures.

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