Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photo Books

Photo Books-10
It is great to have digital pictures to email, post on Facebook or have on your phone but sometime you want to have an album to put on the coffee table or have to look at during family gatherings.
I have included 3 different examples of the photo books that we have made.
We made this album using My Publisher which uses a downloadable program for design. 
Photo Books-7
Photo Books-9
Photo Books-8
The other book my lovely assistant put together was from a second online company. Is it better? I think they both have their strengths. You might remember this family from this previous post. (put a hyperlink here) Have a look at their book.
Photo Books-5
Photo Books-6
The other photo book that we have put together is smaller than the first two but the binding and general quality of the book was exceptional.
Photo Books-3
Photo Books-4
We still have one more family to make a book for and I think we will try yet one more company.
Photo Books-2

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