Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kent A. Bailey Art – Guitar Pictures

What a pleasure it was working with this outstanding artist. Kent is a magician see for yourself. He created all of these guitars himself starting from raw materials. It is always tough photographing shinny objects because they are so reflective but we were able to get some stunning shots that Kent will use on his website and around the luthier guitar community.
KAB Guitars-13
KAB Guitars-12
KAB Guitars-11
KAB Guitars-10
KAB Guitars-9
KAB Guitars-8
KAB Guitars-7
KAB Guitars-6
KAB Guitars-5
KAB Guitars-4
KAB Guitars-3
KAB Guitars-2
KAB Guitars
There are so many more pictures but you will have to check out his website for more.

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