Monday, November 29, 2010

Castle Rock - Family Portraits


15 people with cold weather and fading light was a challenge. I was a little timid but once we got going it was a blast. I recently read a blog about how to be a better photographer and one of their points was that the jobs that scare you the most trend to be the ones that build you the most.

I grew more than I thought I would an more than I know. There were many lessons learned.

Lesson 1: One hour is about the maximum that I can keep a groups attention. If there are 3 people or if there are 15 I can keep them going strong for about an hour. I guess I may need to learn more people skills.

Lesson 2: Don't delete pictures before you see them on a full size screen. There were lots of shots I was worried about that ended up being stellar. On the camera's screen the pictures can look very different in the sunlight than they would on the computer.

Lesson 3: Push yourself. Insanity defined is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Different can be better or worse but it is different. This time it ended up being great.

This family was so great and they made 15 people and 1 hour fly by and go so smoothly.










Lesson 4: Always be shooting. Some of the best pictures of the little girls came when we were not expecting them. The girls tended to be shy but because I was super sly I was able to get some cute pictures of them smiling.

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