Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Light – Guitar

Speedlights are expensive so for now I am working with what I have.  1 light.  That is not entirely fair because I also used a white reflector to add some definition to the guitar.  The toughest part of taking pictures of a shinny object is to keep the bright flash fro showing in the picture.  Long story short…the solution making sure that the angle of refraction is not pointing back into the camera.  Here are a couple pictures.

Guitar CombinedGuitar-6Guitar-5Guitar-4Guitar-3

Ignore the dust…


It took me a while to create a setup that I liked but it worked out well.  I used a shelf unit and a guitar stand with a black sheet behind the guitar as a basic setup.  The light was about 45 degrees from the center line of the camera.  To keep the background black I used a piece of cardboard to block light from spilling onto the background.

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