Friday, July 30, 2010

How Full is Your Bucket – Quick Review

I completed another course at the Automobile University yesterday. It was titled How Full is You Bucket?

It was ok. Not great but it did have some good points.

  1. There is a magic 5 to 1 ratio of positive to negative comments that will make your marriage last. They completed a study where they predicted divorce rates in couples after 10 years by analyzing 15 minutes of their conversations. It was 94% correct.
  2. Being positive will benefit your health. They even cited some studies that claimed a negative attitude is more hazardous to your health than smoking. Not sure if I believe that but it was interesting.

They also shared some decent stories. I was not overly impressed with the book but it is worth a quick read or listen.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Better than Good

I finished listening to Better than Good this morning on my way to the YMCA. In short it was a great book but there is so much content in there. I am glad I purchased that one so I can go back and listen again.

Of the 3 areas Zig tells you to focus on (Passion, Peak Performance and Purpose) I am in the purpose mode. Right now I am working on my primary relationship with Jesus and making sure that is in place. The rest will follow. Order, not balance.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

Back in May our family took a trip to Oklahoma and we were able to see the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.  This was the first time I had been there and it was a quite emotional day.

OKC Memorial

This is one of many pictures of the area.  This is a field in the location of the original building that was destroyed in the bombing.  The chairs are arranged in rows for each floor of the building.  There is 1 chair for each person that passed in the bombing.  Large chairs for adults and small chairs for the children.

It was amazing to see the change in our country that happened when this attach.

God bless all of them.

Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk

Here are a few of the pictures I took the list Saturday.  Most of them are details of the areas that we walked.  The walk covered about 1.5 miles of the downtown area and surrounding districts.  First was the Pioneer Museum then off through older building and finally to the old depot district.



An old bench that was weathered all over but the corner seat held many of the stories of those who sat there before.


The old freight office that is now a dentists office.  Streets run through the area instead of tracks.


These days “Made in Canada” is less acceptable because of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA).  This valve cap wasn’t funded by ARRA.


The entire walk I was trying to keep it simple stupid.  The picture above seemed just that…simple.


Around the Pioneer Museum they have many slates of granite that are enticing for skateboarders.  To prevent skating these brackets were installed.  Well they were also broken.


The columns and lights in the pavilion outside the museum remind me of an old court house and fair lights.  The lines in the wood ceiling are leading to the light.  It was simple and had leading lines.


Last was first.  This was the first picture I snapped of the day.  I was trying to get a contrast of light and dark.  I was hopping for a 1:4 ratio so show big contrast but the sun would only corporate with about a 1:2.


Automobile University

I have been listening to Zig Ziglar’ s book on CD Better than Good in the car as I have been driving.  He covers so much in that book but he mentions the Automobile University which I have heard of before. 

Zig talks about the fact that commutes to work are very long in some cases (2 hrs in some metro towns) and that time should be used to be productive.  Not on the phone or answering emails on the newest smart phone but time used to improve and build yourself. 

Zig talks about 3 things that need to be in harmony to have a better than good life.  Passion, peak performance and purpose.  When all 3 of those area overlap you will likely be using your gifts and talents to meet the worlds needs.

I am not sure that I fall into the category of better than good but I am answering the question, “How are you?” with “Better than I deserve.”  Fake it until you make it.

Faith in God is key in my life.  When I look at the times that I struggled or am struggling something else has taken the front seat and it driving my life. 

In an effort to follow a dream and not let anything stop me I participated in a world wide photo walk hosted by Scott Kelby.  There were 33,000 people around the world that took part in that walk.  Wouldn’t you know it that the image below was one of my favorites of the day.  Looks like I am being told to get out of God’s way and let my faith guide me.


I have many more pictures that are waiting to be posted and as I get time they will start appearing.