Thursday, May 6, 2010

Set Up 1 of 3

Yesterday I posted a drawing with a couple setups that I wanted to try this week and weekend. I tried to set up one of these today after work. I also tried one modification.

Here is the result of the first setup. Note the unless otherwise noted these pictures are SOC. (straight out of camera).

I started with 1/250 of a second to block out all of the ambient light. That worked well. Then I added the light with an umbrella and the reflector below to fill in the eyes.

Beauty Light 1

This was the setup for that shot.

Setup 1.1

It was not quite what I wanted because the lights were off the the side and not right in front of the subject. Note the dark shadows on the right side of the face.

I tried again with a slightly modified setup. Move it more in front of the subject and raised the umbrella. Space was very tough. This was its result.

Beauty Light 2

And its setup was...

Setup 1.2

This setup was more along the lines of what I was anticipating because the lights were more on axis than before. That can be seen in the catchlights in the eyes. There is still some darker shadows on the right side of the face. This lighting setup should produce more of an even light on both sides of the face.

I also tried one last setup. I moved the bare flash further away, zoomed it and placed a diffuser between the subject and the light.

Here is the result of that shot.

Distant sunlight

The last setup...

Setup 1.3

I took some pictures tonight! That is my first victory and I tried to do something new. 2 victories in one night!

The above pictures were not exactly what I was going for. I know that it takes practice to get great but I did think that I would have achieved mildly better results.

I think on large factor in the lighting was that I did not have the control of the light I wanted. There is a ceiling very close to the lighting setups in each picture. See the above setups. I think this contributed to the uneven light. Also, I was not getting the light to wrap the face as I wanted. Next time I will have to find a larger venue to try.

I did get out and take some pictures and that is what was most important tonight. Improvement comes with practice and learning how to improve the areas that are weak.

Here are the 2 final results... They were cropped and a slight color adjustment.

Setup 1

Setup 2

The final on this picture is a little hot on the right side.

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