Friday, May 14, 2010

Floating Hands and Baby Setup

One of the popular pictures lately for newborns black and white with mom holding the baby so it looks like it is floating.   Something like this.  Note I did not take the next picture but I do hope to take something similar.


I played around with a couple lighting setups.  This is the result of the first setup.

050910 021

This setup is a flash with a gobo and a dark background.  I also used a large aperture to ensure that the light would not get to the background.  The  lighting was great but a little hard on the left side of the stand.  Here was the setup that I used.

050910 024

To soften that light I added a reflector on the left side.  The only problem was that I had to use that stand to hold the reflector so I have a different subject.

050910 027

Here is the light that I will be trying to get I have the baby.

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