Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Writting a blog post

I struggle to put the pictures I take with words and conveying a story. Sometimes it seems that the story I was a part of gets lost in my writing. It shouldn't be that hard because life is about story and the pictures are from one of those life stories.

Ideally one would start with the end in mind when they start a shooting pictures. Sometimes (most of the time for me) we just end up taking pictures without the story in mind, and have a difficult time putting those pictures into the story.

The other night I tried something new. After I took the pictures I sat at the computer, opened Word to take notes and started my first look at the pictures on the computer screen. As I was looking through the pictures I took notes about how I felt, common themes of the pictures and the story I was going to tell in the post. That process helped me to clarify the story in my mind. So that is the process I am using and we will see how I do.
  1. Take notes at every stage of the picture editing. This keeps you from getting to the end and wondering why you kept the pictures you did and helps you use them effectively.
  2. Remember the story. Without it there would be no pictures.
  3. Have fun. This gets lost in translation quite frequently. Without fun it becomes work. If photography is not your career it can easily become more of a burden than a pleasure.

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