Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snow and Portraits

My good friends sister had some engagement pictures taken in the snow. That was not the original plan but the photographer did a great job making it work and the pictures look great. They quality of the pictures shows a true professional.

I thought why can't I take some pictures like that? I went out and gave it a shot.

We took our lab with us and she loves to run! It was tough to take some pictures of a black lab on the white snow. She knows true joy and it is so simple. Snow and open space.

Happy 1

Happy 2

It was not the best conditions for taking pictures because the light was harsh and there was no shade where we were. The clouds were diffusing the light but the wind was blowing so hair kept blowing.

Even with all of that she look beautiful.

Heather 2


These pictures were taken with her in the same spot but I was moving around to try to give the illusion of a few different locations.

When we finished all of the fun we made a snowman in the yard. 


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