Thursday, April 1, 2010


Long story made short.

You get what you pay for. I recently had a photograph printed at Walmart to see how they did... Not well.

The picture was way to dark and was had some odd things going o with the text. I uploaded the same picture to last night and placed the order.

I have ordered from them before and was very pleased with the results so I hope this goes well too.


4/6/10 - The new picture arrived from MPIX yesterday and I put it in my office today. The picture is still about 3% darker than I would like but that is a result of not having a calibrated monitor to work with.

MPIX did a much better job processing the picture with no magenta shade like Walmart and the picture is what I can believe is true to color.

The last bonus of MPIX... They ship the pictures flat, unlike Walmart who ships is a tube with the picture rolled up.

Thanks MPIX.

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