Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hockey all around

My sister and brother-in-law have 4 kids and they never stop. My father and I took the youngest boy to his hockey game in Pueblo while my wife was having a baby shower. My sister went to the shower and my brother-in-law was in Denver with the other 2 boys at another hockey game.

At this level the games start with the ice being so clean you can see the reflection of the Zamboni.


At this game I tried to have a plan for a majority of the pictures I took. This was in an effort to improve on the last hockey game I took photos. This is the story that I am trying to tell...

Start of the madness. My nephew is #35 in the group. Before the game and each period the team gets a pep talk from the coach. At this level most of the talks are positive and uplifting.


Before long the game got physical. The team the Jr Tigers were playing is from Denver and they were no expected to be very good.

physical 1

Physical 2

Physical 3

Adin switches off playing goalie throughout the season so he feels real comfortable near the net.


These guys can skate too. They are really developing their skills.


speed 2

speed 3

speed 4

That darn glass caused the fuzzy look near his legs in this picture.

Every time this kid got onto the ice it seems his stick would go straight up in the air. I am not positive but I think high sticking is a penalty in hockey.

air 1

air 2

air 3

air 4

There is no doubt that these kids are working hard to steal and get to the puck. They worked hard all game and the smell in the locker room was there to prove it.

bunch 1

bunch 2

and the shot...


I was pleased with how well the 7D worked in the rink. The lighting was tough so the ISO was boosted. The high ISO accounts for some of the grain in the pictures. The lights in this rink are not far from the ice so there were times when the pictures looked like there was a spot light on the kids and other times the spot light was to the side.

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