Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dual Family Easters

Living in the same town as both of our families is a blessing. We were able to take part in both Easter celebrations this weekend.

What a contrast between the 2 families. Both hunt for Easter eggs.

Easter0087 Easter0060Easter0081Easter0082


One family hunts plastic eggs and the other real eggs. The real eggs then take part in a tradition started over 5 years ago. But first my wife's family...

The kids play on the trampoline, partake in the festivities, and swim in the tub.



Now... what about that tradition? It was started when my father (born in Italy) told us about his parents tradition after finding the eggs. In Italy to "claim" the eggs a person must throw a dime at a hard boiled egg from 10'-20' away and make it stick. We tried this for about 10 minutes but not one of us was able to "stick" a dime. My brother-in-law made his own "German" tradition.


We now throw the eggs in the air and try to catch them in a cup.



Happy Easter!

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