Saturday, March 13, 2010

Office Pictures

This will be hanging in my office later this week. I thought I would put my time in Photoshop Elements to good use and make a picture for my office like I have been talking about doing to years.

Winter Wheat

Playing with Photoshop Elements

Over the next couple days I will be playing with different ways to present pictures by editing them in Photoshop Elements 6.

Heather Siloutte

Picture was taken by Dan Heidenreich

An Artists Statement

I recently read a post on Digital Photography Schools website about writing an artists statement. To be honest I didn't know exactly what that was. I assume that it is a statement about you and your work. Maybe I should write one of those...

I have noticed lately that my work tends to be all over the place. I guess that is a little like my life right now. I have portraits next to landscape next to sports photography and there does not seem to be a common thread except that I do all of these things.

Some more thought about the purpose of this blog is needed I think.

Friday, March 12, 2010


A quick picture. Trying to capture pictures with gravity and leading lines.


9 months pregnant

Heather and I went out to take some pictures this weekend.

She is 9 months pregnant! Wow this is moving way to fast.

Heather Lake

February Hockey

I am amazed how hard it can be to take pictures at a hockey rink. I captured some pictures in focus with good white balance but there were only a couple with good composition. Here are a couple that I thought were decent.



I have about 200 pictures from this day that were ok pictures but did not have any gravity or interest.