Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, Estern Colorado and Crops

Lately I have seen lots and lots of pictures with the snow falling down around the subject. The weather looks cold but the subject adds some warmth. Well I didn't have a real live person but I do have 2 dogs. I would have pictures of both dogs but it was ugh to get a picture of a black dog in an all white background.

021010 004
This dog hates anything that might mess up her fur. When it is snowing or raining she will go out the door, feel the rain or snow on her fur and turn around to come back inside. This day the show was light enough she didn't feel it and decided to look around.

021010 006
Then she looked back at me, realized that it was snowing turned around to come back in but could not resist the urge to stretch.

021010 007
Then she shot me a look like I should have never let her out in these horrible conditions!

That afternoon went well and the dog made up with me as soon as she knew food was involved. The next morning brought yet another trip to eastern Colorado.

021010 028
Center pivots are all over the farm land in the United States. This one happens to be near the Colorado Kansas border. I thought I would try a sepia wash on the picture. It looks good but a little washed out next to the next couple pictures.

The next few picture are what I see almost daily. Some details, some landscape and all black and white.

021010 032

021010 050

021010 058

021010 059

021010 069

Framing a picture is very important. It helps exaggerate a feature of the picture or help minimize a feature. I played around with the same scene in different orientations.

021010 043
Landscape - Here the barn looks wider

021010 046
Landscape further away

021010 045
Portrait - This view makes the trees look taller

021010 049
Lastly, a completely different view of the same building.

So many pictures and so little time.

More to come...

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