Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Busy weekend

Trip to the zoo for Winter Wild Things...

Winter Wildland (8 of 8)
One of the paths through the zoo was right through the lion's mouth!

Winter Wildland (4 of 8)
You can just see Will Rogers Shrine under the giraffe neck.

Winter Wildland (2 of 8)
The snow flake the greeted us as we arrived at the zoo. We spent as much time in line as we did walking around the zoo.

And my favorite picture of the night...
Winter Wildland (7 of 8)

I know that it still needs some work but I was just trying to get any shot. It was dark out, kids running all over the place, and the tigers never cooperate. I think that my wife and I are going to get a season pass so we can go look any time this year.

A nieces' Baptism...

Holy Apost-5

Holy Apost-3

Monday morning I was greeted with this mess. You would have thought a raccoon or bear got into our house!



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