Friday, July 24, 2009

Who is Heather Bohlinger?

One of the many gatherings that my wife and I attended through out Mary Kay Seminar 2009 was for her National Sales area. That area is not defined by boundaries but by the people that are offspring consultants and directors. A national area may be in one city if there are enough directors and consultants or is may be spread all over the US.

These two lovely ladies are Heather and Heather. The woman on the right is Heather Bohlinger. Heather B (director) has been in Mary Kay for 13 years. Her business has survived and thrived many changes in her life. She started in college, had numerous moves throughout the country with her husband and is now in Northern Colorado. This past seminar year her unit sold over $550,000. Heather has become a friend and mentor to my wife over the years.

There are and were many descriptions of Heather B over the week. Some of the accomplishments include being a faithful woman of God, outstanding mother, loving wife, endless supporter and encourager, fearless leader, and having endless perseverance.

When Heather received her award the night of this picture she was overcome with joy. God, her husband and her family were the first to be recognized and thanked. She showed such gratitude for her team. Even between tears her words were inspirational and driving.

Heather B’s director showed her appreciation for all the hard work completed that year by giving her a very nice necklace from Tiffany’s and a designer Coach bag. It is not all about the prizes but they sure do help.

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