Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mary Kay!

Heather and I are in Dallas right now to attend her Mary Kay Seminar. This company has so much to offer women. More about that later but it has been a wonderful weekend so far.

This is the building right next to where we are staying. Around the base of the building there are almost endless fountains. I am amazed how Dallas has so many fountains.

Heather and I were blessed enough to bring one of her consultants with her. The seminar is very effective at helping to see the entire picture of the company and their purpose.

There is almost too much to list but we were able to tour the manufacturing facility. The quality of the products is outstanding but I was surprised at how happy the people in the center were. A large majority of the employees had been with the company for a long time.

This is the quality control station for lipstick.

I have sooo many pictures to post. Here is the last one today.

Heather in her new Cadillac!

Most impressive so far has been the faith of the women that we have met. I have not met one woman that has not subscribed to Mary Kay's order of priorities. God first, family second and career third. Talks to 8000 people state to take God as you leader, keep the Lord in everything you do, and we have prayed before every meal as a group.

We have been to so many functions and met so many wonderful women there will be more posts to come.

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