Sunday, July 26, 2009

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Seminar was many things. Inspirational, educational and fun, fun, fun. The girls get to dress up like princesses and have wonderful gifts given to them.

These are all of the ladies on their way to the awards ceremony. Most of them went shopping together to get a fabulous dress for the event. There are not many things women like more than shopping!

Heather and Mindy just outside the arena. Shine on was the theme this year and shine they did. One example of shining was the Cadillacs they gave away.

Here are all the directors that qualified or re qualified to drive a Cadillac.

On a side note I had to borrow a lens from a buddy for seminar. I am working on purchasing new equipment since my original set up was stolen over the 4th of July. I borrowed a 75-300 mm Canon lens. The pictures turned out good but it was tough to get the ISO high enough and not make the pictures grainy. I "think" I know which lenses I want next.

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