Saturday, May 23, 2009

Office Decorating

I need some pictures on my wall in the office. This is what I am thinking. Let me know what you think.

From Daily Picture Project

From Hot Air Rising

From Hot Air Rising

From Hot Air Rising

From Hot Air Rising

From Hot Air Rising

From Hot Air Rising

From Hot Air Rising

White Sox Show

This baseball season brought lots and lots of learning. I put this slide show together to give to each of the players. It is amazing how much time it takes to edit pictures, put them in a program and pick some music. I bet it will get better as I improve.

Couple learning points...
  • Make sure that all of the pictures you want to include in the show are ready before starting the show. That will help to eliminate/minimize changes later in the game.
  • Don't over think it. Life will go on if you make the wrong decision.
Most of all have fun. This is not my primary job (yet!).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Cutie

About a year ago I took a picture of my nephew at a baseball game that I really liked and this year it is my niece.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Double Duty

I am finding that because I want to play baseball so badly I have a hard time getting the camera up to my eye to take pictures. One tip for shooting sports that I read over and over again is to anticipate where the action will be. I have to tell you I am good at knowing where the action is going to happen but I don't get the camera up and take pictures. I will improve.

You would not believe the amazing experience I am gaining this year shooting for a top paid baseball team. The White Sox are unstoppable. Well I guess they are not paid and their performance really depends on how much sugar they had at the sleepover last night. I am learning with every picture.

  • Don't shoot with a 50mm lens at f/1.8 when using auto focus on a pitcher.
  • Watch the background. Cars do not go well behind an intense infielder.
  • Coaching gives you the ultimate access to the field and pictures but makes it tough to concentrate on helping the players and keeping the pitch count.
My simple goal in the next game... Get a picture of a player catching a fly ball or making a throw to first, or get a picture of a player running to first or home (panning).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Light up my hand!

Creating good pictures in the bright sunlight is very difficult because one part of the picture will not have the correct exposure. I should also mention that all of the pictures here are SOC (straight out of camera).

The picture below is taken with the automatic setting on my camera. The looks ok and so does my hand but neither is exposed well. The camera meter is evaluating the entire scene and making the choice to expose as it "sees" best.

The second picture is just the sky in manual mode. I increased up the shutter speed to 1/500 s and left the aperture at 16. Those settings provided good detail in the clouds and a nice blue sky.

With the above settings I added my hand back into the picture and it was too dark to see any detail on my hand (the model).

To add light to the model I added some fill flash. Most cameras have a native sync speed with the flash of 1/200 s but I stated above that I am shooting at 1/500 s. A wonderful feature that most hotshoe flashes have these days is high-speed sync. It allows the camera to sync with the flash at any shutter speed. I may go into the theory behind that in future posts. The results of f/16, 1/500 s at ISO 100 with highspeed fill flash?

Not the best picture that I have taken but it is better than the first of the series that was set on automatic. If I can find a willing model I will be trying this technique soon.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I hoped to take some portraits today to try overcoming natural light and using high speed sync. That did not work out but I was able to try under exposing the sky, adding a flash and having a cool result. I am excited that I got this to work. More to come.