Friday, January 9, 2009

My modification

This is my rendition of the modification listed in the previous post.

I did the soldering twice because I failed to follow my dad's advice. "Measure twice, cut once." I didn't even measure once. The red wire was my first attempt and it worked but not well. The wire is solid copper 18 gauge and while sturdy it was a little difficult to get the top back onto the base. I would also have to apply a little pressure to the top of the antenna to get the signal to work every time. I was afraid that I broke it entirely.

I read a little more and decided to use some cat5 cable to form the coil and attach to the antenna. I am so very happy with the results. Everything works very well now.

Before the modifications the system was reliable to about 25' and if there was nothing obstructing the path. After the second modification I am able to walk down a floor in my house and the system is very reliable. I don't have exact numbers but I would say near 99.9%.

I am thrilled with the results. We will see what I am able to do with my pictures now.

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