Sunday, January 25, 2009

Glass bowl at the local fine arts museum


Friday, January 9, 2009

My modification

This is my rendition of the modification listed in the previous post.

I did the soldering twice because I failed to follow my dad's advice. "Measure twice, cut once." I didn't even measure once. The red wire was my first attempt and it worked but not well. The wire is solid copper 18 gauge and while sturdy it was a little difficult to get the top back onto the base. I would also have to apply a little pressure to the top of the antenna to get the signal to work every time. I was afraid that I broke it entirely.

I read a little more and decided to use some cat5 cable to form the coil and attach to the antenna. I am so very happy with the results. Everything works very well now.

Before the modifications the system was reliable to about 25' and if there was nothing obstructing the path. After the second modification I am able to walk down a floor in my house and the system is very reliable. I don't have exact numbers but I would say near 99.9%.

I am thrilled with the results. We will see what I am able to do with my pictures now.

Cactus V2s Modifications

There are a few options on the market for wireless triggers. I opted for the Cactus V2s system. See my earlier post about this decision. They are also known as the ebay triggers and instead of Pocket Wizards the "Poverty Wizards".

There are a couple of problems with the V2s system. 1. the system can be unreliable and B. the range of the trigger is not very good.

I decided to modify my system as some other people have done. I have included some links so you can see what other people have done.

The Motley Pixel - This is the modification I attempted

I had some trouble making the modification but more on that later.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Site

I have started an additional site that will serve as my portfolio site. I will be posting here still but I am thinking I will tend more toward how and why I took the pictures here.

The new site is

I have also included a link at the right site of this page. Stop by and tell me what you think.

Sunday, January 4, 2009



This was my submission to a local group that I am in for a contest about winter doldrums. It was taken at night and enhanced with Lightroom and OnOne Plugin Suite 4. I hope you like it.

Veterans Day Parade

I had an opportunity to shoot for the local Veterans Day Parade last year. This is a compilation of the pictures that I provided the organization.

Here are a couple of the pictures as well

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve

On a trip to Cripple Creek I was able to sneak my camera equipment in the back of the car. When we got to the overlook about 8 I pulled over and my wife looked at me and asked how long she would need to be in the cold. I assured that I would get everything setup before she needed to get out of the car. I wish the composition was a little better but I wanted to get the moon and Venus in the picture as well as my wife and I.