Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lessons Learned (maybe)

I wanted to list some lessons that I have learned through recent shoots. I hope that I remember them next time I shoot but that is not always a guarantee.

  1. Always shoot in RAW. There are a couple times that I can think of where I would not shoot in the RAW format but for a client I think that it will always be RAW. Some people call it the safety net for photographers. I will tell you that it saved some good shots for me this last session. Here is an example... It is not perfect but much improved over the original.
  2. Always be contentious of the lighting. If it is a bright day try to take pictures in the shade with a building reflecting light. These are two pictures that were taken within a hour but in two very different situations.

Those are just a couple places that I will be trying to improve in the future.

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