Wednesday, November 5, 2008

HP Laptop Update

Last Thursday (10/30/08) I received my laptop back from HP and they had reconfigured the hard drive. That it even though I told them about the errors I was receiving, DVD's not burning, and the external monitor loosing connection. When I got the laptop back I immediately looked at the diagnostic area and noticed that there were already 20 errors. This was their "fresh' install Keep in mind I had installed no new software at this point nor any new files, just started it up. This week I proceeded to setup all my files and reinstall the programs that I use.

Last night I was watching a movie and browsing the web and the output to the monitor stopped again. A 10 month old laptop should be able to play a movie and look at the net. I contacted HP about it and they want me to ship the laptop to them again! I asked why the problem was not fixed in the first place and their reply... "I assure the problem will be fixed this time."

After a long conversation with the customer service person (in India) I am sending the laptop in again. I proceeded to work on the laptop screen that evening and within an hour the machine shut off. Every time I would try to turn it back on it would buzz for a second and shut off again. I had to reset the BIOS to get the dang thing to come back on. I think it is overheating even though I am using HP's docking station.

To add insult to injury I asked the gentlemen if that series of laptop had overheating problems because I had seen reference to that on the internet. He replied..."all machines are tested and case reports reviewed before they are sent to manufacturing." Great that is real helpful.

Sorry about the rant but I will never buy an HP again. Between this piece and the one that I had to deal with at work, HP is not worth my time. I had a Toshiba for 4 years and never had any problems and would love to have it over my piece of crap now. I am going to hound them until they replace this piece and make sure that Staples will continue to cover that machine with the 3 year extended warranty.