Monday, October 27, 2008

Lots more to learn

This past weekend was very busy. My wife is sick with mono, my parents had a basement flood with sewage, a hot water heater break and a computer crash, I went to Manitou Springs to watch the coffin races with my wife and her sister and we went to a concert Saturday night. Last but not least I took in my laptop to have a couple things done. It was starting slow, not running video correctly and would only burn DVD's 1/3 of the time.

I don't usually purchase the extended warranties for anything but for some reason I did on this laptop and it is a good thing. I was told by the woman when I brought it in that she has seen many of the same laptop come back through her store. Good thing I have three years to work out all the bugs.

Now the exciting things. I have a big boy flash coming in the mail today. I am shooting about 200 kids in a Christmas setting in November and I want to be ready. I will have some time to learn how the light and new flash is going to work before I have to get it right. Canon is offering $50 off the 580EX II right now as well.

I have also purchased a color calibrator for my monitors. Yep both monitors. I recently purchased a 24" Dell UltraSharp monitor to use for photo editing. It will be very nice to use once I get the laptop back from HP.

I will post a couple pictures of the new setup when I get home.

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