Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What do you see?

Stay with me here I am going to try explaining something. It may not be elegant or concise but I don't know if it is either of those things in my head either.

In an earlier post I mentioned an Ansel Adams quote. "There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept." It makes sense when you think about it but I still was not understanding the deeper meaning.

While driving to a photography meeting I heard a song that seemed to be telling me something. Do you ever have those moments when things click and you know you will loose if you don't write it down? I had one of those moments and it happened in horrible traffic when I was already late for a meeting. I did manage to remember what I was thinking though.

How can you photograph what you can't see?

I know, duh right? Well it was a powerful moment for me. Something clicked inside. It reminded me of the saying "You can't give what you don't have". If I can't see God's wonder and beauty in everything how can I take a beautiful picture? Yes everyone gets lucky sometimes but there is also the notion of The theory of talent. Pre-visualization is important in taking pictures. You have to see the beauty before you can capture it.

So now the big question. How do you see life's beauty? Can you see life's beauty if you can't see beauty in yourself? Can you see happiness if you are not a happy person? Do you have the ability to pre-visualize if stress, anger, and the hardships of life are constantly engulfing your mind?

I think that before beauty can be created/recognized (picture of beauty) a person must deal with their own demons. Those demons could manifest themselves in a number of ways. The love of money, alcohol, procrastination, whining, lack of responsibility, and so on. Everyone has their own obstacles to conquer. I know I have mine.

I think that someone can overcome their monsters in the closet on their own but true happiness can only be found in true and full surrender to the Lord. Check out this
Lifehouse video. It puts into actions what beauty there is in the world and some of the temptations that hold back.

I work with a woman who claims to be the happiest person she knows. She just might be one of the happiest people that I know. For a quick read that is full of meat and potatoes check out Woven Journey By: Tammy Bailey. (If I can find the publisher's page I will post that as well.

That was a long post...sorry. Let me know what you think about finding beauty.

How can you photograph/experience/love/give what you can't see/have/possess?

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