Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Las Vegas or Bust

Until this year I had not been on a"real" vacation in a while. Now I have 2 under my belt and I am tired of the car. This past weekend 2 of our friends, my wife and I went on a road trip to Vegas. 3 day weekend and 24 hours driving. We spent an evening and one full day in town. Here is a link to the other pictures that we took while we were there. I took my camera as well as my wife's point and shoot. We only used the point and shoot because we wanted to walk around and not worry about loosing the big camera. Because the P&S has a small digital sensor some of the pictures are very grainy. Sorry but it was more fun without the big one around my neck this time.

I was surprised how much trash there is all over the streets, how bad it smelled, it was almost impossible to find quiet, and everyone is selling something. We did have a good time going to clubs, walking the strip, seeing the Belagio fountain show, and hanging out with good friends.

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