Friday, June 6, 2008

My time is filling

So this has been a busy week of planning. I found out on Monday that I will be assisting 2 other photographers Saturday at a wedding and a reception. I am so excited about that. I will get to see set up, tear down, where to shoot, how to shoot and so much more with little pressure because I am not the main shooter. To prepare for the wedding I purchased two additional batteries, another memory card and a "puffer".

I shot some pictures of family on Wednesday night and have posted one of them above. Sunday I am going to a soccer game to shoot. And then possibly spend some time in the studio on Sunday afternoon.

Next Thursday and Friday I will be shooting a dress rehearsal and recital for Barbra Ellis Studio of Dance. They were impressed with some of the other pictures I gave to them and they offered to let me shoot for two days there. One thing I am doing for them is giving them the pictures for "free". I am doing this because right now I am building a portfolio and would not want to disappoint a customer. With the picture I will include a letter stating what I would have asked to be there for that time as well as letting them know that any picture that is used on a website or for display I would like to be referenced as the photographer. This way they are not telling everyone they know they found this great FREE photographer.

Lastly, I may be shooting a local softball team for their team pictures. I will keep you updated as time progresses.

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