Sunday, June 1, 2008

Monitor Color Calibration

Imagine setting up a webpage with poor looking pictures. That is what I think that I have done. I noticed at work the other day while looking at my blog that some of the pictures were too red or had shadows that were too dark. I had edited those pictures on my laptop at home and they looked very good I thought.

I have been warned that laptop screens are not the best to edit photographs because they have such a high saturation and contrast. They will give you a different picture than you want to print or even display. Well I found out that I have one such laptop. I printed some pictures this weekend and there was a significant difference in the color from my wifes computer and mine. My pictures were dark and had very little color. There was no "pop" to the pictures.

My solution? For now I tried to match the color and contrast quality of my monitor to the pictures that I had printed. I figure that if I do that I will be close to what the lab is producing. Then if I edit my pictures they will print correctly. I have not tested this theory yet but I will tell you if it works.

The other solution is to get a piece of equipment that will measure your screens color and adjust accordingly. Those range from $50 - $400. I may be investing in one soon.

Wiki on color calibration

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