Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I thought I would show a softer side today. I was walking to lunch Monday and stopped to smell the umm.. flowers. I took some macro shots and thought they looked great. Upon returning to the office and enhancing the color a bit I noticed the specs. I have dust on my sensor. This is a common problem with dSLR cameras but no one wants to see it. I can Photoshop them out but I thought I would use them as an example.

My camera uses a system to "clean" the sensor but it is not fool proof. (duh) There are lots of other ways to clean the sensor. Most recommended is to have a professional clean it because if the sensor is damaged it can be quite expensive to have repaired.

I should mention that the dust can be seen in the dark part of the flower. It may be a little difficult to see them because the picture was compressed for the blog.

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