Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spring Afternoon Baseball

Last night I was able to attend a baseball game. The Angels beat the first place Dodgers in the last inning. All the Angels runs in the last inning were accomplished with 2 outs and I happen to know the game winning hitter. It was a good game.

I was able to take about 200 pictures there before the battery started to die. This is one of the better ones.

Lesson 1 (AGAIN): Make sure that the batteries are charged! I found out that with the vibration compensation in my lens engaged the camera can get confused and just freeze. The shutter stays in the way and the camera will not turn off. To reset the battery has to be removed. There are lots of theories about this on the internet but I think the VC is the culprit.

Lesson 2: Pictures from the back of players are not very interesting. I did get inside the fence for a little while but the fence around the field was too high. It was tough to combat the fence in all the pictures.

Lesson 3: Make sure your computer monitor is calibrated. I am still working on that one. Pictures look different on all three monitors that I use.

One day I will have these lessons learned but for now I am still working on them.

I may have another chance this Saturday with a full battery and hopefully some lessons learned!

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