Friday, April 18, 2008

Canon EOS XTi

Last weekend I went to dinner with 3 professional photographers. We just ate and talked. I mentioned that I was frustrated with the image quality my camera was producing so I was looking at getting some new lenses. After talking for a while it became obvious that the two big guns in photography (Canon and Nikon) were going to be a better choice to move into professional work.

I went to a local camera store and looked, held, tested both bodies for about an hour. Then I left so I would have some time to think about it. I returned to buy the Canon EOS XTi because it felt better in my hands, was light, the lenses were less expensive, and I liked the quality. It is a great investment because there is so much that I can do with the camera so I can build some good glass first then move into an upgraded body as needed.

I will start posting pictures taken with that camera soon. On a side note we kept my old Olympus because my wife said she would like to start learning dSLR!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Mark, on your purchase of the XTi, I, myself shot with one...