Saturday, March 8, 2008

Old Colorado City

This morning I attended a photography meetup and we went on a scavenger hunt. We started at a local shop and split up into two teams. From there we set out on our way looking to photograph things like hot, cold, crisp, guilt, love etc... It was about two and a half hours of walking around and into stores. We met lots of nice people and I actually was able to meet Michael Garmen. After we all met back up we went to see a local portrait studio.

I also think that I am going to go back to the JPEG format. I ran out of pictures yesterday and today. Granted it was because I forgot to erase them from my card once they were on my computer but that should not limit me two days in a row. RAW format was giving me about 150 pictures and JPEG will give about 350. That will be a better option. RAW is a great format but I am still an amature so RAW is like flying a jet and I am still learning how to get off the ground.

Because of today I think I was able to get some work in the photography field and made quite a few contacts. I will post some pictures later tonight.

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