Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Newest and Bestest

There are so many gadgets and extras that you can spend money on in photography. New lenses with bigger f stops for more light, new memory cards, new camera bodies, etc... Well right now I am looking at getting a flash to mount to the top of my camera. (hot shoe) I could spend from about $100-$2000 and that is just the hot shoe flash. I am surprised how much difference a flash makes.

I in the next couple days I will be posting some pictures with and without the flash. I anticipate quite a change in the quality of light.

Another project I am working on is to put together a slide show for the Meetup group. Over the next month members of that group will be telling their vision of a song's story with pictures. The song can be anything and you can take any pictures you would like. I will also be posting that when I am finished.

Right now I am thinking of telling a story about self control with money and the toll that debt takes on some families. I am thinking about doing this for a couple reasons. I have been listening to Dave Ramsey quite a bit lately and I myself am working to live debt free. Keep your eyes out for that over the next month. If you have any ideas let me know.

Finally, I have been working on putting together a sample portfolio so I have something to show when someone asks, "what have you worked on?" I hope to have the basics of this laid out in the next week or so with the intention of expanding as I go. Business cards are on their way as well.

Sorry for not having any pictures to show right now but they are coming soon.

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