Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Manitou Springs and Hockey

This past weekend Heather and I went to Manitou Springs and took some pictures. It was fun to be with a bunch of other people taking pictures. It seemed to give the timid more courage and the experienced more to talk about. I took some pictures of motorcycles and the river but I think my favorite this weekend was of Heather. We were walking back to the car and I asked her to stand by a tree and this picture is what resulted.

This weekend was full of picture taking. I also attended my nephew's hockey game and took some pictures there. The best of all of those was his sister in the stands getting into trouble. She would ask and ask me to take her picture so I have a lot of her pictures.

Between the two events I did not have time to go home and unload my memory card and I filled it up. I am thinking about going to a compressed .jpeg format again so I have more space until I get another memory card.

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