Friday, March 14, 2008

Keep on Truckin'

I am reading a book called Trump 101 right now. Mr. Trump talks about his drive that brought him so much success. He says if anyone can talk you out of your dreams you are not passionate enough. You have to smart about how you go about achieving those dreams as well.

I talk about this because I submitted some stock photography to last night. The review period of the pictures should be about two days. Well without hesitation they denied all 10 of my pictures. Ouch. That is quite a blow to the enthusiasm but I will keep pushing on. I will back off from the photography side of things right now but not quit. I am going to keep updating the site every day.

My wife judged a dance contest a couple weeks ago and she received some roses. I like this picture from below the roses. I think it looks neat.

It is snowing here so hopefully I will have some neat snow pictures to post tomorrow.

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like the baby breath