Monday, March 10, 2008

Business Name

I am starting up a business. I have come up with a couple names and I want to get some opinions. Let me know what you think of them or if you have any ideas. Thanks for any input.

Valentine Photography
Mark Valentine Photography (I added my first name to that one)
Valentine Creations
Valentine Photo Creations
Illuminating Photography

Right now I am putting together a business plan and getting some cards made up as soon as I figure out a name. I am going to hand out some cards while I am out around town. I would like to start with something low key but we will see.

Any advice on starting a business or photography would be great. Thank you

There is a poll that I have setup on the side of this page.


Anonymous said...

MARK! I am glad to have seen your comment on facebook. Awesome pictures on your blog. My only thought on your business name would be to avoid the possibility of putting yourself into an unnecessary niche with "valentine" in the title alone. People may get the impression that you only do shots for the all-American holiday of the year on February 14th.
Scott Y.

Beth said...

I suggest Illumination Photography. That's more of a brand, more of a stand alone idea. You want to convey that you bring illumination through photography, not that you do photography that happens to be illuminating. Do you know what i mean? The fact that illuminating is an adjective makes it sound kind of like Pretty Pictures. Does that make any sense? Using Illumination, the noun, makes it stronger.
There's my two cents.
Beth Minnery